Profile of Sakura Otsuka

Sakura is a consummate jazz and bossa nova singer with international experience, having performed in Japan, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia. 

She started her singing career in Brazil in 2000 after developing an interest in bossa nova, where she performed at “All of Jazz” in Sao Paulo and with big bands ‘The Friends’ and ‘The Blue Stars”. After returning to Japan, she formed the bossa nova band ‘TOKS’ in 2003, and played extensively with many musicians in Mie and Nagoya. She went to Singapore in 2007 and has performed at numerous events, including private and corporate functions, in a wide range of settings, from cozy jazz trios to 18-piece big bands, and has also jammed at Southbridge, Singapore’s best-known jazz club.

Besides Bossa Nova, which she sings in Portuguese, she is also well-versed in jazz and pop.

She moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2008, and performed regularly in many bars, bistros and functions. The ambassador of Brasil to Malaysia praised Sakura's performance and her fluent Portuguese in the concert with Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra in Petronas Philharmonic Concert Hall in 2011. She's also recorded a jingle and TVCM song for BMW in China.

She returned to Japan in April, 2013 and started performing in Nagoya and the suburbs. Now her performance and soothing voice enthralls the audiences again in Japan.